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Sewer Repair

Backed-up sewer is among the most frustrating and aggravating experiences for a home owner. Grease buildup, waste, food, paper or other foreign objects can easily clog the sewer line or obstruct and restrict flow in your sewer lines. Shafer mechanical Services is here to help youif you need sewer repair!

A number of problems can lead to a need for sewer repair. Also, joints and seals between pipes can corrode, leak or break . If the pipes are made of off-grade or poorly chosen material, they can corrode or deteriorate.
One of the most common causes of sewer and line problems is root infiltration from trees. This can cause backups in your toilets, tubs and sinks.
Schafer Mechanical Services can help you repair your sewer line by identifying the exact cause of the stopage. We achieve that by using a special Sewer Camera which helps us identify the cause of stoppage. We can also eliminate the need to disrupt your lawn and tree lines by digging trenches witha boring mole.
Schafer Mechanical Services offers emergency service every day of the week!
We are ready to handle all your sewer repair needs!